Thus Far, Only A Bag Found In A Harbor Is Confirmed To Have Belonged To The Aircraft, Cleveland Police Said Monday.

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John T. Fleming, his wife, Suzanne Fleming, 46, their two sons, John Robert, 15, and Andrew Thomas, 14, a neighbor and a neighbor’s daughter, the pilot’s father told the newspaper. Boats, dive teams and a helicopter continue to scour Lake Erie for a small plane that is believed to have crashed after takeoff from a Cleveland area airport. Six people were on board the plane that vanished last week. Thus far, only a bag found in a harbor is confirmed to have belonged to the aircraft, Cleveland police said Monday. Over 120 pieces of debris were recovered so far and many are consistent with what would be found on a Cessna 525 Citation. We are not sharing any further information about the debris as it is part of an active investigation. The search, which is to resume Tuesday morning, has been taking place in water 35 to 45 feet deep. While conditions can be challenging, officials said they were favorable Monday. On even a calm, clear day you are going to get lucky 4 to 6 foot visibility, Mike Hendershot of the Lorain dive team told CNN affiliate WEWS. The plane was registered to John T. Fleming, a beverage company executive, and is based at Ohio State University Airport, the airports director told CNN on Friday.

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