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auditor demands answers from city ofRandolph Posted 9:48 pm, November 23, 2016, by Linda Wagar Google KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Missouri’s state auditor is demanding answers and accountability from the city of Randolph after FOX 4 Problem Solvers shined a spotlight on what has to be the strangest town in the state. foot pain poor circulation“What we are really seeing is that citizens are shut out of government in the city of Randolph and that is completely unacceptable,” said Missouri Auditor Nicole Galloway, who said she ordered her staff to meet with city officials from the tiny Clay County city after seeing the report. Problem Solvers had attempted to get answers from Randolph after receiving multiple complaints from viewers who couldn’t reach anyone in city government. Particularly concerning were court records which are stashed in the city hall, the city’s only public building, Randolph closed its municipal court and police department last April — but seven months later the city has yet to transfer court records to Clay County Circuit Court. That delay has prevented people like Christian Ferrara from getting her driver’s license renewed. Randolph never forwarded paperwork to Jefferson City showing she’d already paid a traffic ticket. Ferrara said she’s called the city repeatedly and can’t a hold of anyone. “On their voice recorder it says every Friday they will give you a call back,” she said. “This is my third Friday and still nothing.” Galloway said it’s ridiculous for a city not to keep regular business hours.

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AP Gross. But what did coach Nate McMillan do as the game spiraled out of control, as everyone in the Fieldhouse groaned at the sight of another game slipping away? He let it continue. By the time he returned the starters into the game wholesale, there was less than five minutes remaining and another winnable game was squandered. Remember when Jefferson was Big Al, a throwback, post-up center that managed to remain relevant in a league going small? The Pacers didnt sign that guy this summer to a 3-year, $30 million deal. They signed a clearly aged player who only warrants playing time only if the match-up presents itself, which rarely does these days. Jefferson is shooting a career low 44.4 percent, has a near career low defensive rating at 107, and has attempted a total of just nine free throws this season. At one point during the fourth quarter, as a wayward Atlanta shot bounced off the rim and went up for grabs, Jefferson simply watched the ball arch skyward as Hawks forward Paul Millsap scooped in for the easy putback.

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